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Yinda electric drive new technology debut Shanghai Frankfurt Auto Show
publish:2017-07-13 08:57:00views:2958

    As the largest auto parts in Asia, maintenance testing and diagnostic equipment and automotive supplies exhibition, Frankfurt (Shanghai) Auto Show at the end of each year the automotive market after the market suppliers and professional visitors gathered in Shanghai.
    This year, the Frankfurt (Shanghai) Auto Show was held at the National Convention and Exhibition Center from November 30 to December 3, 2016. As a leading national commercial vehicle and industrial high-end automotive electrical manufacturer - Fujian Yida Electric Drive Co., Ltd. (referred to as: ITE electric drive), during the show to the public presented its R & D technology and the latest products.

During the exhibition, the ITAR drive to provide a professional image of the different highlights:
     1, adhere to innovation, advancing with the times
     Actively respond to market demand, continuous improvement of products, concentrate on research and development of new technologies;
     2, high-end quality, to meet the demand
     To maintain, as always, professional, serious spirit, customer demand - oriented, adhere to the quality first, the quality of the;
Yida electric drive more than 20 years of efforts and persistence, by the customer support and trust, but also for the development of China's automotive market after the market to provide a steady stream of power!