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Who is it?

Arts and that is Fujian Yi of Electric Drive Co., Ltd., founded in 1994, focused on efficient, energy-saving motor field. Over the past 20 years, adhere to sound operation, continuous innovation, open cooperation, and gradually developed into a good supplier of automotive electronics industry. Following the arts to create a domestic energy-saving slowdown starter manufacturing, high-efficiency generators, new energy-driven motor and other new products to further lead the market trends, and access to the industry consistent good reputation.


What did we bring to the industry?

Uphold the concept of technological innovation, and promote industrial technology innovation and application development. Strong independent equipment manufacturing capacity, and promote the industry to enhance the level of equipment manufacturing and application development.


What did we send for our customers?

Intimate customer service, adhere to create value for customers. Through strengthening the internal management tools, continue to improve the pre-sale, sale, after-sales service quality, and effectively protect the interests of customers. And customer cooperation and innovation, in-depth understanding of customer demand for products, enhance product value, the formation of healthy and healthy product development, production, improve the system to help customers improve the market network and layout.


What did we do for the product?

Continue to create a leading innovation, high-quality security products. To "technological innovation" for the development-oriented, met with Zhejiang University, Fudan University, Fuzhou University, such as the establishment of production and research cooperation. In order to build the core competitiveness of enterprises, Yida adhere to the "quality first" concept, down to the practical standards of the new system, pay close attention to product quality, attention to product verification capabilities, the construction of product experimental center, 2016 Yida Experimental Center was "CNAS national recognition Committee "national laboratory accreditation. Yida laboratory with the current domestic industry with the most complete and reliable automotive motor performance, environment, durability and other testing and testing capabilities, and further ensure the reliability of the Arts and the product to achieve high quality needs.


What do we insist on?

Art up to 23 years, hundreds of employees adhere to do not take shortcuts, refused opportunism, sense, long-term investment, profound knowledge. The new era of the environment has put forward a new challenge for the arts and crafts - enterprises in the pursuit of interests at the same time, should better assume environmental and social responsibility. Yi Da in ensuring the integrity of business at the same time, adhere to the health and development of staff care, and actively affect the social responsibility of suppliers to promote the sustainable development of the industrial chain.

Yida always adhere to sustainable development, customer-centric, business responsibility and social responsibility of organic integration. Conform to the trend of environmental protection, research and development of efficient, energy-saving new energy vehicle motor, build enterprises more core competitiveness at the same time, for the environmental protection dedicated a thin force. Looking ahead, Yida will continue to promote the building of brand awareness, continuous improvement of the market network layout, to provide customers with better products and more convenient services, expand customer sales and market layout, continuing to create value for customers.

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