Jindi starter family has a new member!


Early summer

It's a good time to travel

Taking advantage of the cool breeze

Take us

Members of the starter family

Go outdoors together

Enjoy the warm sunshine



Take pictures


Today, four guys are out for the first time. They are extremely lively and full of motivation. They suddenly became the focus of the audience. They are the new members of the starter family:


Regardless of their young age, as a new structure starter, all of them are young and promising. They have all the advantages:

Design advantage one

Planetary structure is easy to install


Design advantage two

More flexible output mechanism


The clutch slip of the new output mechanism is more flexible, which can effectively reduce the clutch and switch load and reduce the failure rate of the clutch and switch.

Design advantage three

Deceleration mechanism is more stable


Deep groove ball bearings are used for the support of the sun gear, which makes the armature support more stable, reduces operating noise and improves service life.