Liberation of power in the new era of intelligent manufacturing "core" future

September 26th marks the 76th anniversary of the establishment of FAW Jiefang Engine Division (hereinafter referred to as the Division). On this historic day, the division grandly held the 2019 Global User Ceremony and the 7.6 millionth engine roll-off ceremony. To present the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China.


Lu Zhijian, Deputy Mayor of Wuxi Municipal People’s Government, Yan Feng, Minister of FAW Overseas Business Department, Chairman and Party Secretary of FAW Import and Export, Zhu Qixin, General Manager and Deputy Party Secretary of FAW Jiefang, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, former Party Secretary and President of Huazhong University of Science and Technology Li Bacon, Deputy General Manager of FAW Jiefang, Party Secretary of Qingdao Vehicle Business Unit Shang Xingwu and other leaders and experts, more than 20 mainstream news media such as People’s Daily, Economic Daily, Xinhuanet, People’s Daily, China Automobile News, and Jiefang Power’s More than 300 guests, including distributors, major users, service stations, and supplier representatives at home and abroad, witnessed this historic moment.

7.6 million units rolled off the assembly line, creating the pinnacle of "core"

At the offline ceremony, Qian Hengrong delivered a welcome speech. With the unveiling of Yan Feng, Wang Zhicai, Qian Hengrong, and Geng Kaixue, the 7.6 millionth engine of Jiefang Power made its debut. Jiefang Power’s 7.6 million engines rolled off the assembly line, marking that Jiefang Power once again stood on the top of the industry in the field of heavy diesel engines.


Seventy-six years, hardened by wind and rain, the engine business department started in hardships, developed in struggle, kept up with the pace of the times, and constantly met market demand. At present, the power of Jiefang Power has covered 40-650 horsepower, and the displacement covers 2-16 liters, forming a new pattern of comprehensive development of heavy, medium and light. The top product brands in the industry such as Aowei, Bowei, Jinwei and other industry fully satisfy trucks, Market demand for passenger cars and off-roads. Jiefang Power uses the technology, performance and quality of world-class engines, and has won both user reputation and market sales.

Smart factory leads the future

The Huishan Plant of the Engine Division, which held the 7.6 millionth engine off-line ceremony, said that the Huishan Plant of the Engine Division is the core manufacturing base of heavy-duty engines for Jiefang Commercial Vehicles. "The advanced equipment has the three characteristics of digitalization, networking and intelligence. Compared with the traditional manufacturing capacity, the production capacity is increased by 52%, the manufacturing cost is reduced by 20.5%, the logistics accuracy rate is increased by 50%, the product defect rate is reduced by 39.3%, and the energy consumption per unit output value is reduced by 11%.



Global User Festival, Win-Win Development

Following the first global user festival in 2017, on the evening of September 26th, on the riverside of Wuxi Ancient Canal, the 2019 Jiefang Power Global User Ceremony kicked off at Wuxi Ancient Canal. Users, service stations, and supplier representatives gathered together again. A total of 8 awards were awarded in the ceremony for user category, service category, overseas market and distributors. I am grateful for their trust, love and companionship over the years.


Qian Hengrong, assistant to general manager of Jiefang Automobile, party secretary and general manager of engine division

Fujian Yida Electric Drive Co., Ltd.

Fujian Yida Electric Drive Co., Ltd. w
as also honored to be invited to participate in the 7.6 million off-line ceremony of China FAW Jiefang diesel engine. Yida has been cooperating with FAW Jiefang for a long time by virtue of its ingenuity in product research and manufacturing, and has won several consecutive awards such as "Core Supplier", "Excellent Collaborative Development Award", and "Excellent Supplier".




Fujian Yida adheres to the business philosophy of "Unity, Honesty, Preciseness, and High Efficiency". Quality and service are the foundation of Fujian Yida's survival and development. Over the years, Yida has adhered to the mission of "delivering better products to customers", providing users with high- quality products and timely and thoughtful services, and has always maintained the pace of development, which has been recognized and valued by the industry.


The invitation to participate in the 7.6 million off-line ceremony of China FAW Jiefang Diesel Engine is the affirmation of Fujian Yida's past efforts and persistence by FAW Jiefang Engine Division. At the same time, it will point out the way forward for Fujian Yida's future development!